Nasty Juice Fat Boy 50ml 0mg


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We all know finding a mango that’s perfectly ripe in the store can sometimes feel impossible. That’s where ‘Fat Boy’ steps in. With every hit you’ll be reminded of just how sweet and juicy a freshly picked mango can be. Retaining its flavour with every hit this is a perfect example of an E-Liquid that passes the taste over time test. Topped off with a subtle minty exhale it definitely gets an A+ from us here at Refax Vapes.

Crafting bottles of pure perfection since 2015 this is a company that knows what customers want in terms of a flavour packed E-Liquid. A constant winner of Vaping industry awards these are E-Liquids you can rely on to deliver that premium taste you are looking for. In conclusion, there’s nothing nasty about Nasty Juice other than the name.

Bottle Size: 50ml

PG/VG: 30% PG/70% VG
Nicotine Strength: 0mg
Key Flavours: Citrus, Mango, Lime, Low Mint


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