Picking an E-Liquid flavour you can vape all day everyday without getting bored can be a challenge. But with our selection of premium E-Liquids from all over the world including the UK, USA and Malaysia we at Refax Vapes can promise we will have one you won’t want to put down. With an extensive menu of both thin and thick E-Liquids we can guarantee you will find a flavour to fall in love with.

Underneath all our E-Liquid product descriptions you will find the VG/PG ratio. For the purpose of choosing the right Liquids for you, all you need to remember is: the more VG a liquid has the thicker it will be. This means that you will need a sub-OHM coil (one rated less than 1 OHM) and a device capable of generating more than 20 watts of power. After that, find a flavour that makes your mouth water and thank us later.

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